Training program

The iMonitor training programme

The heart of the iMonitor project lies in empowering citizens to become vigilant watchdogs of public contract implementation in their communities. But for that, it is necessary to first provide them with the necessary skills. That is why our initiative includes a tailored two-module skill development programme, each with two parts, to support civic monitoring of public contracts. With this initiative, we aim to sustainably foster valuable civic monitoring capabilities within local communities to help improve public service delivery and reduce corruption in public procurement.

The first module, Assessing corruption risk in public contracts, focuses on fraud and corruption risks in public procurement. It is based on our risk assessment methodology report and on guidance material on how to use to assess the integrity of contracting procedures. It is complemented by the second module, Monitoring public contracts in depth, which offers practical guidance for each step of monitoring contract implementation according to the iMonitor monitoring approach. With this comprehensive training programme, we aim to provide civic monitors with the basic knowledge necessary to know how public procurement works, how it can be affected by corruption, and how public contracts can be monitored in practice in their communities.